How Colonial Manor Fire Association was born…

It all began on January 26th, 1922 at a town meeting called to organize a Fire Company for Colonial Manor. The meeting was held at the Colonial Manor Methodist Church located on Elbourne Avenue. There were two temporary appointed office position establish to get the ball rolling. The officers appointed were Mr. J. A. Conrow as President and Mr. J. C. Knowles as Vice President. Mr. Conrow and Mr. Knowles agreed to establish a five member committee appointed to get facts and information about starting a fire company.

On February 22nd, 1922 Officers were elected to lead an organized fire company of 25 authorized members. Dues was established at $1.00 annually. At this meeting Mr. G. H. Berry moved that the Fire Company be called the Colonial Manor Fire Association. The Officers elected at this meeting were: President -
Mr. G. H. Berry, Vice President – Mr. J. E. Knowles, Secretary – Mr. G. J. E. Mallette, Treasurer –
Mr. J. Matlock and Fire Chief – Mr. Harry A. Rose with the Chief to elect his own Officers, 1st Assistant and two Foreman. A limit of 25 members was established with all others to be titled as contributing members. Dues was established at $1.00 annually, but this was later changed to $0.25 every three months.

The last Friday of each month was agreed upon to be the company’s meeting night, but was changed on March 10, 1922 to be Wednesday night as oppossed to Friday night.

And so it all began…